Byte Engine

What is Byte Engine?

Byte is a game engine written in Rust. It's goal is to be a modern, composable, future-proof game engine.


Not all features are implemented yet.

  • Vulkan rendering

  • Python scripting

  • C# scripting

  • VR support


As part of the goal of being a modern game engine, Byte has moderate requirements.


  • A GPU that supports Vulkan 1.3 or higher

  • A CPU that supports AVX2 or higher

  • 4GB of RAM


  • Linux 22.04 or higher

What's next?

This guide is designed to hand hold you through the process of creating a game with Byte. It is to be read in order, as each chapter builds on the previous one. To get started just click on the Next button below. Good luck! 😎

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